The Work-Life Balance Bundle

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Are you struggling to find a balance with your work and life?

Do you have a hard time shutting down the "work" side of your brain to the point where you feel like you're always working?

This bundle is for you!

  • The "Read Me First" PDF will let you know what's inside.

  • Worksheets to assess where you are to see what you can improve upon

  • Worksheets to rethink your to-do lists

  • A gratitude journal, which will allow you to slow down and take a few minutes a day to just jot something down

  • An e-book explaining why you need to rest

  • Funny llama-themed coloring sheets to help you relax and slow down

It's time to find balance :)

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Intro, Worksheets, Journal, Coloring Pages, E-book

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